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About Venue Hire

Venue hire at the Ri is run by the organisation's commercial arm, RiGB Ltd. 

The key purpose of venue hire within the Ri is to raise funds and awareness for the charity. All of RiGB Ltd's income is donated to the Royal Institution.

The Royal Institution Registered Charity No. 227938

RiGB Ltd Registered in England No. 4065626

Registered address: 21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BS, UK.

About the Ri

The Royal Institution (Ri) was established in 1799 with the purpose of ‘diffusing science for the common purposes of life’. Over 200 years on, we’re an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science. We do this via our inspiring science Ri Channel, public programmes and education initiatives for young people, the Faraday Museum, history of science activities, and the famous CHRISTMAS LECTURES®.

At our Albemarle Street home in Mayfair, scientists such Humphry Davy, Michael Faraday, John Tyndall and George Porter discovered 10 chemical elements, won 14 Nobel Prizes, made world-changing discoveries in the laws of electromagnetism and molecular biology, and pioneered public science lectures and science events for children.

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