About Our Venue

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Founded by a group of influential scientists in 1799, the Royal Institution stands as a living monument to their resolve to further 'the application of science to the common purposes of life.' 

The Royal Institution is steeped in scientific heritage. Over the last 200 years, the Ri has been home to many eminent scientists whose discoveries have shaped the modern world; from Davy’s miners’ safety lamp, Faraday’s work on electromagnetic induction and the electric motor as well as Kathleen Lonsdale’s pioneering use of X-rays to study crystals. These scientists understood the importance of sharing their work with the public and as an independent science charity, our mission remains to harness science for the maximum benefit to society.

The Royal Institution has become famous for its history of supporting and fostering the best scientific talent in the world through our programmes, our discourses and the Christmas Lecture series. With an incredible 200 years of scientific heritage, you'll find the perfect event space to inspire your guests at the historic venue of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.