First floor

A grand entrance, perfect for registration, and sweeping staircase leads you straight from Albemarle Street to our main rooms on the First Floor.  

Download the floor plan.


The Theatre

This extraordinary auditorium which is fully equipped with AV and a dedicated technician, is a remarkably intimate space which can seat over 400 people. Its steep rake and concise design means that every member of the audience has a perfect view. Immediately outside the Theatre is the Ante Room, a pleasant area with original exhibits, where delegates can gather and mingle.

The Library

A large and impressive book-lined space with graceful Georgian features, the light and airy Library is an inspiring setting, discreetly equipped with a built-in screen and the latest AV equipment. The Library’s bronze busts, fine portraits, original books and journals reflect its august past and the great minds who have spent time here.  

room size 86 meters squared, capacity 38-100 depending on the venue setup

Georgian Room

Linked to the Library and the Writing Room, the Georgian Room is full of character, with its white pillars, fine marble fireplace and historic books creating a pleasing and elegant space for an intimate dinner or networking reception.

georgian capacriy 2.png

Writing Room

Directly linked to the Library and Georgian Room the Writing Room, although a small room, its three sets of floor-to-ceiling windows make a big impression, as does its historic surroundings & highly decorative fireplace.

writing room capacity.png

The Demonstration Room

A much more contemporary space, the Demonstration Room was traditionally used as a prep room for scientific demonstrations which took place in the Theatre. Now it is a bright and functional event space which can be used for a whole host of events.

demo capac.png


Ground Floor

With easy access straight from Albemarle Street, the Ground Floor rooms offer an impressive but welcoming and engaging place for your event. 


Conversation Room

A large, stylish room with bold décor, the very name of the Conversation Room could be a talking point for your guests. Conveniently located on the ground floor this room is very versitile and perfect for corporate events. 

convo room capacity.png


A quirky and contemporary space, the Mezzanine overlooks the Atrium & Museum. Its modern and fluid layout make this a great location for receptions and evening parties. The building’s history is represented by original scientific instruments creating an intriguing sculptural focal feature. 

mezz capacity 2.png

Sunley Room

The Sunley Room offers a wonderful Georgian feel with windows looking onto Albemarle Street. It is conveniently located within the building and extremely popular for smaller meetings, dinners or as an admin area for larger events.

sunley capacity.png


Lower Ground Floor

By day a contemporary café, the atrium is an ultra-modern function space for evening receptions with views of Michael Faraday's original laboratory.


Atrium & Museum

The Atrium adjoins the historic heart of the Ri, our Museum showcasing many iconic inventions that astounded and changed the world, including the first ever electric generator, the prototype for the Davy safety lamp, and the first ever laser machine. Here you will also find Michael Faraday’s original laboratory complete with his scientific equipment. By day a contemporary café, the Atrium & Museum are an ultra-modern event space for evening receptions.

atrium capacity.png