Conversation Room

View of Conversation Room from front with lectern

The Conversation Room offers a contemporary-styled space with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and expansive windows, allowing natural daylight to fill the room.

Conveniently located next to the entrance on Albemarle Street, the Conversation Room includes in-house AV to ensure your event runs perfectly. Whether you need to hire a venue for a corporate conference or product launch, the Conversation Room is a great space to bring people together. 

When you hire the Conversation Room, you'll also have exclusive hire of the Mezzanine, a modern event space which acts as the perfect drinks reception venue for a corporate dinner event in the Conversation Room. Speak to one of our approved suppliers to help create your perfect event. 

History & Heritage

The Conversation Room, located next to the main entrance, has seen many of the world’s greatest scientists and society figures walk through its doors. In the infancy of the Royal Institution, The Conversation Room was originally two rooms, one of which was for the reading of foreign newspapers and the other a temporary library. In about 1866, the partition between the two rooms was removed, and the history of the Conversation Room began. 

Conversations have sparked many significant scientific discoveries and inventions, including that of Humphry Davy’s miner’s safety lamp, prototypes of which can be found on the lower-ground floor of the Faraday Museum,  

In the 1800s, many died in the coal mines of England and around the world. Following a severe explosion in the North East coal mines caused by pockets of flammable gas, the Rector of Bishopwearmouth (near Newcastle) spoke with Davy about finding a solution for lighting coal mines safely. 

Following this conversation, in 1815 Davy designed a lamp with a wire gauze chimney that enclosed the flame. The holes in the gauze let light through while the metal gauze absorbed the heat. This was much safer for coal miners to use to light their work, as the flame couldn't heat enough of the flammable gases to cause an explosion.  

These prototypes, on display in the lower-ground floor, serve as a testament to the great discoveries and inventions which started with a conversation. 

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