Atrium & Exhibition

Atrium glass roof and lift

The Atrium has views up through the modern glass Mezzanine space above and direct sightlines into Michael Faraday's laboratory, where he worked on his theories of electrochemistry.

The Atrium offers a fantastic opportunity for corporate venue hire events, featuring branding opportunities thanks to its versatile and modern aesthetic.

With the ability to include explosive science demonstrations, the Atrium provides a central London event space perfect for networking and drinks receptions with an electric atmosphere.

The hire of the Atrium also includes exclusive access to the Royal Institution exhibitions in the Faraday Museum. In these venues, your guests can explore some of the most fascinating and iconic objects from the Museum's collection, such as the first electrical transformer and the tube that explains why the sky is blue.

Contact the Royal Institution's Venue Hire team to discuss how we can help you make the perfect event. 

Heritage & History

The lower ground floor of the Royal Institution, now home to the Atrium and part of the Faraday Museum, has seen many ground-breaking scientific discoveries over the last 200 years. 

Michael Faraday, whose work lead to the electric motor and helped shape the world we live in today, undertook research in the main laboratory, originally located in the Atrium, as well as having his own magnetic laboratory on this floor.

Later, this space was used by John Tyndall, who first demonstrated what we now call the Greenhouse Effect. In the later part of the 19th century, the space was used as a laboratory for James Dewar where he carried out research on liquid gases, which led to the invention of what we now call the Thermos Flask.  

In subsequent years, this space was reconfigured by William Henry Bragg and his son William Lawrence Bragg, for their research into X-ray crystallography, for which they won the Nobel Prize in 1915. 

More recently, these laboratories were converted into the Atrium and the adjoining ground floor of the Faraday Museum, where Michael Faraday’s original magnetic laboratory is on display allowing you to discover for yourself the stories behind two centuries of world-leading science. 

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