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We’re Kaptcha. We bring purpose to life for businesses around the world. 

We spark change by tapping into your DNA, creating emotional connections for the people that matter most to your company, your employees and your customers. 

We play our part in amplifying a brand by creating visual communications with heart. Whether we’re producing a film or animation together, live streaming or media training, our award-winning team has a passion that is unrivalled. And we have the know-how and experience to match. 

Helping clients like Aviva, EY and Fortnum and Mason make their mark on society matters to us. Because brands have to stand for something if they want to stay ahead. We help you to earn trust, attract talent and customers alike, and improve your brand value.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a brand that wants to make a difference, let’s Kaptcha your story together. 

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Do you have a story to tell? Let’s talk.

E-mail: hello@kaptcha.tv

Telephone: 020 7483 4491

Website: https://kaptcha.tv